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"Golder-Novick adds a great deal of excitement in his soloing and ability to take a song beyond its original melody and make it something more."

-Heath Andrews, Ariel Publicity(review of "The Clubs" record), December, 2010

"Golder-Novick was relaxed, and laced his sax solos with his trademark TV theme song quotes... they serve as melodies in his gigantic vocabulary of licks. In this way he models Bird more than ’Trane." -
-Dan Barry, Hartford Advocate January '07







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Greetings, friends! Welcome to my website! If you haven't heard-- I finally came out with a NEW SIX-SONG EP! It can be found at http://benthesaxguy.bandcamp.com. These little gems are a big part of my life, and I am so happy to share them with all of you! And you may or may not know that I had a very unfortunate incident back in October of 2012 in which I was mugged and robbed, hence resulting in a stolen computer which had many albums worth of musical material. This EP, "Lucky Star" (a bit of irony in the title), is the beginning of a powerful, intense musical recording process of starting from scratch and bringing back all of my ideas. Not to mention the fact that these songs really GROOVE and are so much fun! Hope ya dig it. Happy listening! :) Also make sure to check out the calendar. I have a lot of shows coming up all over the place! I list not only my solo looping shows, but also shows where I'm doingg what I like to call the job of "supporting actor." I hope you find my website helpful. Thanks for stopping by.

Upcoming Shows:

  *Friday, December 20 @The Fifth Estate. BGN Live Loops! 5th Ave betw 12th and 13th. Brooklyn, NY. Doors at 8




Live with "The Clubs" @ Grammercy Theater NYC Jan 2011


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Live @ Merchants NYC Feb, 2011